Cubby's Corner
Hi! My name is Cubby and I live here at Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District. Our District Manager, Sam, rescued me from a stuffed bear shelter in 2002 and brought me here to learn about water quality and conservation. Now I am ready to teach all of you about water and how it affects our daily lives and how you can make a difference in how we use our water resources. I even have my own Email address so you can ask me any questions that you might have about our water supply. Do you ever wonder when you brush your teeth or take a bath where the water coming out of the faucet is coming from or where it goes after it goes down the drain? Do you know the proper way to fill your wading pool in the summer? Do you have a homework question about water? Just ask me, because I have learned a lot since I have been here and if I don't know the answer, we can consult with experts who work in the water industry. Plus, if you hang out with me, we can have some fun playing water games and learning the importance of water in our daily lives. So come on, let's go play.
Water Games and Activities
Drinking Water Week Color Sheet
Drinking Water Week Word Search
Drinking Water Week Maze
Tap Water Delivers Crossword

Play Thirstin's Water Cycle Adventure game. Click on the link below:

Thirstin's Activity Book
Thirstin's Water Cycle Adventure