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Congratulations to Sandra “Sam” Boster, 2016 Finance Director of  the Year!


Sandra has been involved in governmental service for most of her adult life with over 39 years of experience. 

She started her governmental career as an Executive Secretary/Assistant to City Administrator/City Clerk in 1971 in Arizona.  She then became City Manager, City Clerk, and Treasurer for Bisbee Arizona in 1973. In 1981 she moved to Colorado and became the Director of Administration, Finance and Budget for Douglas County. After leaving Douglas County, she worked in the private sector until 1987 when she became District Manager of the Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District.  

 Sandra plans to retire from Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District after 30 years of employment as District Manager in 2017. 

 Sandra has been involved in CGFOA as a Board Member (2009-2010 and 2014-2015) as well as the Secretary (2012-2013). She has served as a member of the Education Committee for several years, as well as the Chair of the Annual Education Program (2010-2011). Sam is always on the lookout for speakers and instructors for both the CGFOA classes and the conferences. She has volunteered to moderate many sessions at the annual CGFOA conference as well as to teach classes for the organization. 

David Lighthart, Chairman and President, Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District, stated, “Through Sam’s excellent government financial and management skills and work, Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District is in an excellent operational and financial position.

Through Sam’s guidance and preparation, each and every District project done during her tenure as District Manager has been funded by District dollars already in place; with no grant, loan, or bond money required. Under her leadership, the financing, scheduling and coordination of the operations and maintenance of the water and sewer system is done to a level where few emergency situations arise impacting the customer’s most important of services. The District reserves are in a current positive position capable of meeting the long-range replacement and upgrade plans. In an age when many of the U.S. utilities are struggling to keep old, decaying infrastructure operational with tighter financial restrictions, Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District is in as good a position as possible. This is a fact due to the excellent and dedicated professional leadership that Sam has provided.” 

 Congratulations, Sam, and thank you for your many contributions to CGFOA over the years!

Michael D. Boster, Esq. Retires as Bear Creek Water and Sanitation
District's Legal Counsel After 31 Years

The Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District Board of Directors presented Michael D. Boster, Esq. a clock in appreciation of over 31 years of service as the District's legal counsel at the June 8, 2015 Board meeting.  The incoming attorney for the District is Russell W. Dykstra, Esq. of Spencer, Fasne, Britt and Browne, LLP.


Sandra "SAM" Boster Honored with SDA’s Manager of the Year Award

 At the Annual Conference, the Special District Association of Colorado (SDA) honored Sandra (Sam) Boster, the manager of the Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District with SDA’s 2013 Manager of the Year Award.

 SDA annually presents this award to a special district manager who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, dedication and service to their district. The award was announced at the SDA Annual Conference, which was held in Keystone, Colorado September 18-20, 2013.
Sam is the Manager of the Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District, a job she takes very seriously. Those who know her know that she is very conscientious in all her business and management responsibilities. Sam is a hands on, pro-active manager who has maximized the investment return for the District’s portfolio during the past down turn in the economy. Sam has managed the District to be proactive in its operations and maintenance and promotes continuing education and training for the staff to adapt to changes and serve the District’s customers.

The Special District Association is proud to recognize Sandra (Sam) Boster as the Manager of the Year.

Long-Time Evergreen Metropolitan District Operations Manager Dave Lighthart Takes Over As General Manager For Evergreen Metropolitan District.

Dave is also President and Chairman of the Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District Board of Directors.
Congratulations Dave!

Click here for Announcement of Dave Lighthart, Evergreen Metro District General Manager
Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District's Chairman and President, David Lighthart presented a certificate of appreciation to Dale Miller for 5 Years of service and dedication as a Board Member on November 12, 2012
Ernest Clore, Vice-President and Vice-Chairman of Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District presented a certificate of appreciation to Wade Wheatlake of Merrick and Company for 10 years of service as Field Engineer for the District on April 25, 2012
September 16, 2011- Charles M. Dwyer pictured at the 2011 SDA conference in Breckenridge, CO accepting his award for Board Member of the Year
Charles M. "Charlie" Dwyer, Treasurer of Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District received the Board Member of the Year award at the 2011 Special Districts conference in Breckenridge, CO.  Charlie was nominated by the District for his business acumen and incorporationg excellence into all levels of District Operations.  In addition to his many duties as a Board member for both the District and the Special District Property and Liability Pool, Charlie actively provides his expertise in insurance as a teacher, consultant, and financial manager to Chartered Property Casualty Underwiters. His contributions to policy and procedure have resulted in a more refined and efficient budgeting and auditing process, and under his direction, the District's insurance portfolio more closely meets the needs of the District in a cost-effective manner.
September 23, 2010 - David W. Lighthart pictured at the SDA Conference in Keystone, CO with his award for Distinguished Board Member
David W. "Dave" Lighthart, Chairman and President of Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District received an Distinguished Board Member Award at the Special Districts Association conference in Keystone, CO.  Dave was nominated by the District for his outstanding leadership and contributions to the District, along with his invaluable insight and direction in operation and maintenance of public water and wastewater systems and construction management.  Dave has served as a board member for 10 years and 8 of those years as Chairman and President.  Dave is active in the community and promotes water and wastewater education in the schools, Earth Day Awareness activities, tours of water and wastewater facilities and volunteers for other community activities. Dave has been a member of the Bear Creek Water Shed Association for 12 years.  Dave is the designated Operator in Responsible Charge for Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District and has been influential in development of Districtís geospatial and geographic information systems.


August 5, 2010 - A plaque is presented to C&L Water Solutions, Inc. for 25 years of exemplary performance and outstanding dedication as Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District's Maintenance Contractors. Shown from L to R- Christopher Larson, Jason Larson, Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District Chairman David W. Lighthart, Chrystalla Larson and Larry R. Larson


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