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Payment of Sanitary Sewer Bills

Please send payments to our secure mailbox address, P.O. Box 910926, Denver, CO 80291-0926

You may also make payments by check or cash at the District Office
2517 S. Flower St. Lakewood, CO  80227
Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

There is a mail slot on the front porch of the District Office for dropping off checks (no cash) after hours.

 Online Payments
Secure online payments are available through  (PayPort)  for a fee.  The fee for electronic checks is $1.00, regardless of the amount paid.  The fees for credit card payments are 2.25% of the amount paid plus 75 cents. For example, the fee on a $106.00 payment would be $3.15.

To make a payment through PayPort at please type or copy and paste the following information into your browser


15Sep09 Excerpt from Minutes re Sewer Fee Increases
Under general powers of Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District, fees, rates, tolls, penalties, or charges for services constitute a perpetual lien on and against the property served. It is the policy of the District not to bill tenants; therefore, all sanitary sewer bills will be mailed to the owner of each property served.  You may receive combined statements for sanitary multi-building facilities.
It is the owner's responsibility to pay these bills. Collection from tenants is the responsibility of the property owner.

PayPort Payment Instructions
Edit TextDelete Text now offers a payment option through
the State’s PayPort service to pay Bear Creek Water and
Sanitation District sewer bills by credit card or electronic check.

This online service includes a portal administration fee that allows to deliver this payment option and other important services without tax funding.  This fee is paid to a third party (Colorado Interactive, LLC) that provides these services for and thus is not considered revenue for the State of Colorado.  If you do not wish to pay this portal administration fee, you have the choice to conduct your transaction by traditional non-electronic means.  The online services provided by are considered voluntary.